EHS Monthly Focus

Safety shouldn’t be an after-thought; it’s just as important to a successful business. A commitment to safety makes good business sense because it’s the one way to protect our greatest resource — our people.

OARC is committed to promote a positive safety culture which will have significant end result to the individual, value, attitudes, targets and capability  of the company Environment, health and safety program.  It is very important and appreciated on how the top management are acting towards workforce on daily basis. Lead by example helps workforce to take safety seriously and that will reflect into a safe working environment.

Therefore, EHS has developed a Monthly Safety Focus Program. This program is designed to promote safety culture and to ensure that the interaction between the workforce and the top management on regular basis and to meet our obligation of safety compliance.

A Monthly Safety Focus topic is shared with all workforce along with topic poster to enhance the awareness level among the workforce in regards of environment, health and safety. The Monthly Safety Focus is linked to the Weekly Management Safety Walk which is conducted by the Top Management Team. The main purpose of walk is interaction with the workforce in regards of the Monthly Safety Focus Topic and any other EHS related matters and to have an open a face to face channel for the workers to interact with the top management as well.

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