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ARABAL 2023: Navigating the Future of Aluminium from Mine to Space
28 November 2023 – OARC took part in the Arab Aluminium conference (ARABAL) held in Riyadh. This gathering presented a chance for OARC to engage with industry partners and suppliers. With ...
OARC attends a workshop on safe handling of hazardous chemicals
29 February 2023- OARC representatives attended a workshop on safe handling of hazardous chemicals hosted by the Environment Authority. The two-day workshop amid to address the management of ...
الشركة العمانية لدرفلة الألمنيوم
منطقة صحار الصناعية،
مرحلة 6، قطعة رقم: ٦٠٣
صندوق البريد ٥٥٥، فلج القبائل ، الرمز البريدي ٣٢٢
صحار ، سلطنة عمانان
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